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New product launches contributed to 35%7 of all soft drink sales in 2018. This keeps the category exciting, but also means that the right core range is crucial to driving sales.

Thinking about the right range is crucial. Planograms, which can be seen here are vital. So make it easy to see by category we’ve created this simple guide so you can see at a glance whether you’re stocking the real consistent value drivers.

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Exclusive Lucozade Ribena Suntory research reveals a £1.4bn opportunity to open up a world of soft drink sales

*Lucozade Ribena Suntory & The Partnering Group research, 2019.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) has conducted a major piece of research that reveals there is an opportunity to grow the soft drinks category by £1.4BN.

The exclusive research has identified six key category drivers and the six simple changes to shopper behaviour that could fundamentally alter the value of the soft drink sector. Within the convenience channel alone there is an opportunity to make an additional £332.1M.

LRS partnered with global consultancy The Partnering Group to analyse 10 emerging and continuing consumer trends such as health and wellbeing. Drawing data from organisations including Dunn Humby, Euromonitor International, Nielsen, IRI, Him! and others to create the most forward-looking category guide the soft drinks category has seen.

The guide groups the six key category drivers into specific soft drink missions that consumers will be on and identifies their mindset when thinking about what soft drinks choice to make.

“We knew there was a huge opportunity in soft drinks. What our research and report tell us is how to unlock it. We know that the world is rapidly changing, and if we cater brilliantly for the changing consumer the opportunity for soft drinks retailers is incredible,” said Emily MacDonald, Channel Director, Convenience at Lucozade Ribena Suntory.

“To win across soft drinks, the key is to know who is coming into your store, and make sure you’ve got the right drinks for them, when they need them,” said MacDonald.

“We know retailers can grow sales if they look at who is coming in to their store and getting the right range on their shelves. By making simple interventions across six future sales opportunities, you can set your store up for real soft drink success”.

The six key category drivers and the insight into how to open them up are:

Shoppers that lead increasing Active and Effective Lives seek soft drink solutions for mental & physical support and there is an increasing opportunity to get 15% more households to buy into drinks that support an active lifestyle. Drinks including energy, coffee and sports drinks targeted at active adults between 35-45 offer a £330M1 opportunity. In convenience, this opportunity is worth £82M. Active consumers will be looking for drinks such as Lucozade Energy, Lucozade Sport, Red Bull & Monster.

Health conscious consumers will be seeking Healthy Goodness, looking for drinks such as juices and smoothies, juice drinks, kombucha and water. Drinks that deliver a good feeling is an area potentially worth an extra £145M2. This can be unlocked by getting target shoppers – nutrition-focused shoppers, mid-higher income earners, and mums – to buy into added-value products that deliver enjoyable wellness one more time each month. Healthy goodness is worth an extra £44.8M in the convenience channel.

Health-conscious consumers will be looking for: True Nopal cactus water, Vita Coco, Innocent juices

Encouraging shoppers to choose a soft drink with their meals and snacks could unlock £215M3 of value. To drive the With Food opportunity, retailers need to help shoppers on this mission – lower-middle income earners – buy flavoured carbonates, juices and juice drinks, water, squash and iced tea on four more trips per year. Convenience stores can make an extra £35.1M by getting this opportunity right. To help shoppers looking for drinks With Food: No specific product – the driver is occasion and format-based

Special Experiences is about providing the best soft drinks in the most important moments. Retailers could tap into huge potential further sales of £330M4 – £55.5M specifically in the convenience sector – by getting target shoppers – adults on mid-higher income – to trade up into premium soft drinks just once a month. Premium soft drinks, mixers as an alcohol replacement, premium waters and craft and retro drinks all offer huge potential here.

Make sure you stock: Merchants Heart, Fever Tree, Fentimans, Schweppes, Appletiser

By catering for shoppers looking for Tastier Healthier Refreshment retailers can add up to £240M5 to their sales. Retailers whose consumer base includes lower-mid affluence adults and families can win by getting shoppers to switch out regular soft drinks for low- and no-sugar variants, and shop just twice more each year. Switching to diet carbonates, juice and juice drinks, squash and waters would help unlock this potential sales win. Convenience stores can make an extra £55.5M by catering to this customer.

Retailers looking for Tastier Healthier Refreshment will be looking for: Ribena, Lucozade Zero, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Irn-Bru

And finally, there is a £215M6 opportunity if you cater for Water Lovers. To drive this huge sales opportunity, store owners need to move target consumers – adults focused on health and wellness – in impulse and grocery – to six more purchases over 12 months. By catering for water loving customers, convenience stores could make an extra £59.1M.

Water Lovers will be looking for drinks like: Ribena Frusion, Lucozade Sport Fitwater, Highland Spring, Robinsons Refresh’d, Volvic Touch of Fruit

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