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Perfecting your soft drinks range

Published by leon.jackson on 18th November 2019

bR.com joined category expert Jemma Healy from Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) to see how her knowledge can help Swarti Rabadia drive her soft drinks sales

Having a well-merchandised core range is vital, as it can drive sales and impulse buys. It’s crucial for retailers to merchandise in accordance with ongoing trends such as low- and no- sugar or flavoured drinks, and to make room for new products, which help bring new shoppers to the category.

RN visited Swarti Rabadia at her store in Leigh, Greater Manchester, with Jemma Healy from LRS to show her how an improved range and great displays can grow sales.

The Opportunity


of all soft drinks are bought on impulse1



Go Local Rabadia Convenience, Leigh, Manchester

“We are quite open minded and want to better our business, but struggle with merchandising and educating our staff about the products we sell. Our sales are steady, but our soft drinks range is quite small for a 1,600sq ft store so we’re keen to find out how we can grow our range and sales in line with shopper missions.”



Commercial activation controller, Lucozade Ribena Suntory

“Swarti’s store is a real community hub. The key to growing sales is knowing your customer base. She can maximise sales by merchandising her soft drinks range to reflect shopper missions. We’ve introduced new flavours that will help to increase footfall, drive impulse sales and bring in a wide variety of shoppers.”

What happens next?

Over a six-week trial period, Swarti followed Jemma’s expert advice. We tracked the sales data at the store to see what changed.


Group sub-categories together to help customers find products easier.
Place bestsellers at eye level so shoppers can stock up on their favourite brands.
Use meal deals to encourage extra purchases and grow basket spend.


Healthy goodness:We brought juice drinks and flavoured and plain waters together to help shoppers find drinks that suit their taste and health needs.

Flavour: We increased the range of flavoured drinks to bring in new customers and inspire existing shoppers to try something new.

Flow: We grouped sub- categories and formats together to help shoppers easily find the products they are looking for.